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Our Services

Pharmacological Consulting
Individually personalized medicinal regimens based on the patient’s unique medical history.

Medical Professionals


Training medical staff to learn about medications and understand their appropriate usage.

Geriatric Facilities Consulting
Individual consultations for residents and staff training sessions in the proper treatment of the elderly.

About Us

After completing my doctorate (Pharm D) at The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School and working in Israel’s health system, I saw the real need that patients had for better understanding the medications they were taking.  I saw how people were taking medications without thinking twice – without deeply understanding what they were taking – and I saw how much these medicines have the potential to deteriorate one’s health so much so that in some cases it is the medicinal regimen itself that can lead to hospitalization or even death.

That is why I decided to open a clinic that specializes in one-on-one consultation and personalized custom regimens catered to the individual needs of the patient.

Medicine indeed prolongs life and helps reduce pain and suffering, however, like anything in life, only in the correct amount.

Pills can provide solutions for blood pressure, pulse, diabetes, and many other symptoms, but it is the proper combination that is the real key to their success and yours.

The combination of multiple medicines can increase the risk of drug interactions that can lead to a reduction of quality of life or even debility or disease.  Therefore, it is necessary that an expert check and make sure that the combination of various medications together is both effective and beneficial, and not dangerous or damaging.

With the latest advances in medical research and pharmaceutical developments, modern medicine has developed an understanding of just how important it is to customize treatment to the specific characteristics and requirements of the individual patient, considering age, gender, medical history, preexisting conditions, current prescriptions, and many other elements that contribute to matching the treatment to the patient in the best possible way.

I believe in building personalized medical treatments – that is why all changes are made in coordination with the family doctor – because I want what is best for your health.

Clinical pharmacology is the science of using medicine, including medicinal research and the medical practices of prescribing and combining medicines.

"Help! these pills are killing me."

"I'm tired all the time, and I have terrible headache, nothing is helping."


"Since I started taking this medication, my sight is blurry and I get dizzy, but I have to take something."


"I am getting fatter and my legs hurt. Could these be related to my medications?"


"I am taking so many different medications, but do I really need all of them?"


"How can I know if its safe to take these medications together without bad interactions between them all?"


"Could my medications be negatively affecting my body? Aren’t all these pills supposed to help?"

These are the types of statements I hear daily from almost every patient who comes in for a consultation – difficult statements about how medications that are supposed to be helping people live healthier lives are in fact doing the exact opposite.




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Dr. Chemda Chayen

Dr. Chemda Chayen
Doctor of Clinical Pharmacology

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