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Lectures and Workshops for Medical Staff

While working for the Maccabi Healthcare Services, Dr. Chayen ran clinical pharmacology workshops for the HMO’s medical staff with a special focus on the most common conditions that the staff encountered regularly.  Now that she opened her private clinic, Dr. Chayen offers her workshop to the medical staff of any facility or health clinic.  The goal of the workshop is to improve the professional capabilities of the staff in the field of medicinal treatment in general, and specifically to teach how to create effective medicinal treatment regimens on behalf of their patients.

The workshop starts with a survey of the fundamentals of clinical pharmacology.  Through understanding the profession, the staff can appreciate the importance of clinical pharmacology and its contribution to the medicinal treatment given to the patients.

After the introduction, Dr. Chayen delves with the staff into the clinical aspects, i.e. the optimal treatment for each disease or syndrome they encounter.  During the workshop, the staff are presented with the international guidelines for thorough, comprehensive treatment.  The topics discussed are typically those most likely to be encountered by the staff, such as diabetes or pain treatment, however the workshop can focus, partially or entirely, on specific topics according to the demands of the staff (or their superiors).

For every disease or syndrome, the workshop will teach the staff about recommended medications, their advantage and disadvantages, their impact and reactions, and their side effects.  Likewise, the staff will learn about important points to look for when analyzing the patient: what type of patient can receive the standard treatment, and what type of patient needs special treatment?  What type of patient can receive a combination of medications, and what type of patient should be warry of certain combinations?  There is a special emphasis of the individualization of the treatment, i.e. the customization of the medicinal treatment regimen for each individual patient. 

Following the workshop, one medical professional said, “the staff was enriched professionally, and acquired practical tools for making educated decisions in situations of polypharmacy and in general.”

Dr. Chayen’s workshop will train the medical staff to have a more comprehensive understanding and a deeper knowledge of medicinal treatment.

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