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“Everybody needs to undergo your medicinal counseling.”
 A.G. - Jerusalem

“Since receiving Dr. Chayen’s council and the changes in medication, I’m more alert and just generally feel better.”
A.H. - Rehovot

“Dr. Chayen has made me into a new person; thank you for listening and thank you for your professionalism.”
S.R. - Tel Aviv

“I entered tired, fatigued, and hopeless, and left ten years younger!”
L.D. - Rishon LeTzion

“I didn’t realize just how many medications I didn’t need on the long list… Thanks for the guidance.”
L.A. - Petach Tikva

“Quality, professionalism, and sensitivity are the name of the game with Dr. Chayen.”
D.Z. - Tel Aviv

“I’m so lucky that I found you to be my discerning eye for medicinal treatment.  Even my doctor praised you for your exceptional professionalism.  Thank you!”
R.P. - Ramat HaSharon



To all my colleagues,

I would like to share with you some information about the opportunity to empower and improve the professional capabilities of your medical and nursing staffs vis a vis the medicinal treatment for residents.  During the month of February 2014, our geriatric center hosted a professional workshop that focused on the newest, most effective geriatric medicinal treatment for a variety of characteristic ailments as well as techniques for reducing the potential damage of polypharmacy.  My personal impression, which is backed by the staff’s feedback, is that the staff were enriched professionally and acquired practical tools for dealing with medicinal treatment in general and polypharmacy in particular.

The workshop is recommended to any geriatric facility.

Yours truly,
Dr. Rachel Gimshi, Ph.D.
CEO, “Ateret Rimonim” Geriatric Center


Dear Colleagues,

I would like to recommend a workshop that took place here in Mishan Naot Afeka, “Proper Medicinal Treatment for the Elderly.”

The doctors, nurses, and pharmacist took part in the workshop.  There were three meetings led by the doctor of pharmacology Dr. Chemda Chayen.

The workshop served a number of objectives – updating the staff about reducing polypharmacy.

We received very professional and up-to-date instructions, as well as reference material to assist the doctors in future situations when choosing the preferred treatment for elderly patients as well as drug interaction information.

During the workshop, the staff were able to ask questions based on real-life experience, a clinical pharmacologist examined a number of patient files, and there were also discussions.

The staff learned a lot, gained confidence in their ability to treat medicinally as well as their ability to reduce polypharmacy.

Dr. Chayen can assist and consult the medical staff as well as the residents.

Warmly recommend,

Irit Shafir,

Head Nurse, Mishan Naot Afeka



Pharmacological diagnosis, for real?
Written by: S.M.

Before you read this article, I want to stress that this is written anonymously in order to protect my privacy, and due to a real, true feeling not to make an advertisement, but rather to do my part in helping the public understand that there is a vital need for pharmacological diagnosis for anyone who takes medications.

For many years I suffered from obesity and additional secondary diseases that caused me to have to take over ten different types of medication per day, as well as dietary supplements.  Many times I asked myself what the meaning of taking all these medications is and how I take them, am I perhaps causing myself side effects that are causing me to take even more medications?  Who is ensuring me that this cocktail of medications isn’t actually making me sicker, instead of healthier, over the course of time?  This feeling of doubt, and the fact that despite me taking all these medications, I didn’t feel good most of the time, accelerated my search for professional help.  My legs were bloated, I woke up every day tired, and I understood that I need to do something to help myself as soon as possible.

This is how I ended up by Dr. Chemda Chayen with all my excess weight, begrudgingly carrying my arsenal of medications.

After I showed her my medicine arsenal and after I presented her with how I feel (and I have to note that she looks too young for this profession, and if I may, too pleasant and cute), I expected her to say, “with this type of arsenal of medications, I can’t help you.”

However, the exact opposite happened.  Dr. Chemda bolstered my shaken confidence, and explained that it is absolutely possible to put this chemical arsenal in order, in cooperation with my family doctor, who in turn let out a sign of relief when she found out that she can consult a pharmacologist who would help her make sense out of my chemical arsenal…

And that is exactly what happened.  By my second meeting with Dr. Chemda, after she investigated and examined the arsenal versus my conditions, as well as after taking blood and urine samples, she provided me with a ton of vital information, way more than I expected, and it was only then, for example, that I began to understand the reason why a certain drug was making my legs bloated and that there was an alternative drug that wouldn’t cause that side effect.  Dr. Chemda advised me what to take, how much to take, when to take, etc.  She explained which drugs I can stop taking entirely, which drugs are counteracting each-other.  Essentially, I was finally able to make sense of my arsenal, to put everything in order, and finally improve my mental and physical well-being.

I just felt better.  Fact is, I did the right thing.

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