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About Dr. Chemda Chayen


Dr. Chemda Chayen has a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharm) from Hebrew University (magna cum laude) and a Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacology (Pharm D) from Hebrew University, specializing in medicinal treatment in the community and diabetes.  While studying for her doctorate, Dr. Cheyan taught at the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy and the Hebrew University School of Nursing.  She taught pharmacotherapy to fourth year pharmacology students, pharmacotherapy for nurses (MSN program), and woman’s health.  Likewise, she ran pharmacotherapy workshops for third and fourth year students, as well as continued education programs for the pharmacists of Clalit Health Services.  Additionally, she gave lecturers at the Hadassah Medical Center on various medicinal subjects, and lectured for pharmacists in the Clinical Pharmacists Forum.

Upon finishing her studies in 2011, Dr. Chayen started working for Maccabi Health Services.  As chief advisor to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa branch, one of her main projects was balancing diabetic patients, patients with high blood pressure, and patients suffering from hyperlipidemia – all of whom were not balanced under their previous treatment regimens.  The specific role she filled was created specifically to close the gap between North and South Tel Aviv.  After only a few months on the job, the branch went from being the worst rated branch to one of the highest rated branches and even was awarded a medal; the branch served as a case study for an important research paper demonstrating the contribution of pharmacological intervention in balancing diabetic and HBP patients.  Additionally, during that same period, Dr. Chayen was part of a study designed to balance patients being treated with Coumadin; the study showed that pharmacological intervention contributed to balancing the patients and reducing incidents of hospitalization.

Likewise, Dr. Chayen dealt with polypharmacy patients (the patients who were taking numerous medications simultaneously), especially geriatric patients who needed help balancing their various medicines.  She also gave classes to Maccabi’s doctors about to best treat certain diseases and syndromes.  Dr. Chayen advised doctors on a case by case basis as well; she held one-on-one consultations with doctors, and she had hours during which she would answer questions online about treatments, medicinal interactions, clinical expressions, and more.

In 2012, Dr. Chayen began working at the international biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.  She served as the MOI in charge of diabetes medications.  She also trained the field agents how to professionally present the medical information.  Dr. Chayen also participated in meetings with senior experts from the pharmaceutical world.  

From 2013 to 2014, Dr. Chayen served as the chairperson of the Pharma-Club of the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel.

In 2014, Dr. Chayen began working for the Israeli company Medison Pharma as the medical director of the Israeli department, in charge of all medical matters, including neurology, ADD, infectious diseases, cardiology, aesthetics, and nephrology.  She is responsible for supervising all medical information and marketing materials in the company.  She develops the scientific materials and training programs for the company’s representatives in subjects such as oncology, rare genetic diseases, nephrology, neurology, aesthetics, infectious diseases, and cardiology.  Likewise, Dr. Chayen provides medical assistance to the company’s site in Romania.  On top of that, she is also in charge of submitting new medical technologies to the Ministry of Health committee on updating the health services basket.  Dr. Chayen gives lectures to the company’s doctors about pharmacology and participates in meetings with leading doctors from the pharmaceutical world.

As a result of her experience working for Maccabi Health Services, where she saw just how many patients need pharmacological counseling but are not receiving it because of a lack of resources, Dr. Chayen decided to open a private clinic to provide pharmacological counseling to private patients. 

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